Day of the Dead (but 2019)

As you know, this days most of the celebrations around the world have been suspended due to COVID Quarantine. For that reason, the great majority of this year Day of the Dead celebrations have been cancelled or limited to a minimum expression.. I’m sharing with you some pictures I took last year. DOTD is a great and colorful event that, despite its name, is TWO, -not just one day-, long. The first day is when the little children came back.They usually arrive first ’cause they literally run in front of their elders to cross the flower bridge first. The second day is when the rest of the family comes to celebrate with their living relatives and exchanges points of view between this world and the other. At the end of the second day, all souls take their presents with them and return to the other side.

If you watched Disney’s Coco, the movie is like 85% accurate. And Ernesto de la Rosa was a real person, though despite what happened at the end of the movie, he is still a beloved character 😉

NOTE: the bald guy in black overcoat is me, posing in front of a Little Lety alebrije. 😉

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