A hint for your effort!!!

In the last month a Hackie has been trying to get into our website. Sadly, It not the first time something like that happens. A hacker broke into our site a years ago and made a mess, adding his name to all our pages with code. T T  We  learned from that experience and improved a bit the site. But since this guy seems to be putting such a good effort trying to break in, we’ll give him two clues: username is my social security number. Pass is the same as my credit card’s number and PIN. Get those and you’re in!!!

The comic is online (again)

Hi guys! the first 100 comic strips of Little Lety are online again! After a massive makeover, we were finally able to rebuild the complete site. The bad news are, all previous comments were erased! I expect to hear form you more often, don’t be shy, post your comments about Lety anytime, I’ll gladly answer you!
Just keep in mind the security system will block any spam as soon as you write, so try to stay in topic, ok?